Time for me to clean up my front page a little bit by moving the commerce section into some blogs. I'll be using this as a hub, of course, collecting what I have for trade or sale, and what I'm looking for. Neither of those blogs will separate things by alignment because I'm consolidating all the SR and below (yup, even below) cards into a booster inventory. It's not like anybody buys SR or under for any other reason lol. Plus it'll help me keep those in order to help get boosters together for my that's probably less important to most people. 

User Trade Page

Updated 11/04/13*

For Sale/Trade

Looking For

Booster Inventory: Rares = 324

Booster Inventory: Special Rare+ = 12

Booster Inventory: Special Rares = 98

Booster Inventory: Super Special Rare+ = 11

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