It's clear that fusion costs for whatever reason vary not only by rarity, but also by level, and even further by levels of both Base and Fuser cards in relation to each other. 

So, I'm at the point where I want to try and track these discrepancies as much as possible to see if there's a method that I've not noticed, and that we can update the fusion page with to keep it accurate. If we have to, I suppose worst case scenario would be to have a range...even though that kinda sucks. XD

As with my position research, this blog will be the hub and I'll link to the different rarity pages from here where you'll be able too see the charts progress (slowly) and if you so happen to have any information you can plug in, that'd be wonderful. I'm fairly certain PWR plays no part in any of this, so if you happen to just occasionally look at the fusion costs from time to time while you're leveling your cards and report them to me (or if you're a fellow admin, feel free to add it yourself, I don't care) that would help out a lot. Here we go!

Common Cards

Uncommon Cards

Rare Cards

Special Rare Cards

Super Special Rare Cards

Ultimate Rare Cards

I don't know why I'm specifying what cards I'm using. I really don't since it shouldn't matter. Anyways, as usual, thank you to any and all who choose to help me in this silly little project as it probably won't make much of a difference to anyone but me lol.

Card Rarity PWR  Card Levels Fusion Cost
[Unbreakable] Colossus S Rare 23 19/44


[Inhuman] Black Bolt S Rare 23 1/1 20,075
[Optic Captain] Cyclops S Rare 21 11/14 21,260
[When I'm Angry] Bruce Banner S Rare 22 50/50 31,250
[Cloned Eliminator] X-23 S Rare 22 1/1 20,075
[Protector of Hell's Kitchen] Daredevil S Rare 23 1/1 20,075
[Son of Chaos] Wiccan S Rare 22 1/1 20,075
[Executioner] Punisher S Rare 22 18/50 28,850

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