I totally forgot about this one! I actually sent them a little message on their Facebook page after having just been a little fed up with one thing or another. I will say that at the time I was under the impression their old suggestion box was still closed, as prior to this message, it actually had been (though for how long, I'm uncertain), so he totally ended up having me there...

I'd like to speak to somebody seriously for a second. Why was the suggestion box closed? Was it because you simply had no interest in listening, or responding, or changing? You were done pretending to care?

I ask, because I've known a lot of people quit recently.

I'll begin addressing the Marvel: War of Heroes game specifically from here out. You're driving players away, and you should have a sure thing since Marvel was generous enough to let you treat its license with complete apathy while also profiting off of it, and in reality that's basically the only thing people are staying for. They LOVE Marvel, and want to like your game. I've never known a company try so hard to make that such a steep undertaking.

You limit trade in a game centered around a trading card game model.

You allow and condone cheating while ignoring it when there's evidence, partially because your own employees (who probably shouldn't be playing in part of a competitive alliance, let alone several) are some of them.

You have made being competitive entirely contingent upon vast monetary expenditure. Raids are nothing without raiders, which you have crippled, outside of those you have to obtain in card packs. Co-op is just a less organized, worse money sink than raids, so essentially the exact same thing applies. Enforcement Training used to have some strategy to it, requiring you to choose targets carefully, and forcing people NOT to pile onto a single opponent to maximize points. You've stripped what little strategy there was away in favor of making even that event entirely about whoever can just press the same three buttons over and over again the fastest, with the biggest stockpiles of power packs (which coincidentally, is exactly what the cheating software emulators capitalize on, as if you didn't know that) will simply win. The closest thing we've got to a pure event now is a mini-event in the Survival Trials, but even that can be somewhat rigged by the abuse of multiple accounts.

The decree system is a joke. You've essentially made all level cap expansions pointless for the exception of the newest 10 for Legendary cards, by making the field as even as it was before the decrees were even introduced. You may fool some people into believing higher attributes on cards are somehow adding to the complexity of the game, but you won't fool most.

It's never been news to anyone that your reward systems are laughable. Now only the top 7000 or so players will get anything even remotely worthwhile (though, luckily for you, they'll never figure out that to obtain such ranks, they have to spend more than they could possibly recoup unless they're a part of the top players, who cheat and win every event anyway). Your shard processors are ridiculous, filled with so many quantities of useless items that now you're FORCING people to get rid of within time constraints that make no sense just to fix YOUR server problems when you should be spending the money people are mistakenly paying into your game to fix the problem, instead of PUNISHING your customers for it.

It's clear nobody in the company who implements changes knows even remotely how they affect the players. You didn't even have a good way to organize the gift lists until AFTER you implemented this ultimatum.

As if to lighten the burden you've placed on them, you started a (coyly named) mechanic involving giving us all (the) a shaft. Just a little background, I personally have put in close to 100 rare cards into this converter, and gotten 8 carbonadium shafts for it. None of the SR cards I've put in have yielded any more than the promised 1. It's obvious you know at the very least that PP are a sort of inner-game currency, or you probably wouldn't design so many events around their necessity to buy your way into a good position. For the rewards you have in place currently, you've severely over-valued what one can pull from. Needing potentially 200 SR cards just to acquire a boom, is like asking somebody to pay 100 packs for a card that's worth about 13. Even normal rare cards at the volume somebody apparently would have to sacrifice in order to get something even remotely desirable, is well over what a boom is actually worth, and that goes especially true for the rest of your rewards. No card that many of these people have bought and been stuck with (also because of your horrible card pack drops which I'll cover momentarily) should ever NOT get anything at all for it just because you people can't maintain your own hardware. Every rare should at least yield a carbonadium shaft, SR should be two or possibly an adamantium, and an SSR should get a guaranteed adamantium bar. At the rates you've set up even for the adamantium exchange, people would have to sacrifice more SSR cards than it would be worth just to get anything from there either.

Now, as promised, your card packs. It's evident not a single person involved with the creation of this game has ever had remotely any exposure to a quality card game in their lives, or they'd know just how completely and utterly horrible what you've created is, and has failed at doing on so many levels and comparisons to the real deal. I understand that with a phone game, you, by necessity, can NOT make a complex battle system, or deck mechanics. The best I will say is that you've shown signs of TRYING to fix that, slowly, and fumblingly. (A good start would be to adopt the simple rule that most games already do and limiting either rarities to a deck, or making it so that only unique cards or characters will have their abilities activate. No more wall decks will force people to at least THINK a little more, and we'll all get to see a lot more variety. A little refresher from all the putrid mess you keep shoveling onto us would be great, and you'd get to keep some customers remotely happy for a little longer so you can continue lying to yourselves and superiors about how many real users there are on this game instead of the mass of alts that truly inhabit it) Less I digress, back to the card packs. No REAL card game charges such insane amounts for such ludicrous returns.

I defy you to find a well standing TCG out there (Magic: The Gathering, L5R, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, etc.) that has exchange rates remotely as horrible as your own. Most games you can pay 4-5 dollars and receive twice as many cards, and often be GUARANTEED the equivalent of in your game would be an SSR or higher...some even higher. In none of them will you ever find a card pack where you can possible pay (I'll use one of the idiotic amounts of "Exclusive" card packs you've released recently as an example) 6 dollars for 3 almost assuredly worthless cards. Your drop rates are notoriously horrible, and so at the very least, what you should be doing is reversing the cost to card ratio to balance that. This should be an obvious change, and it will actually allow people to see some relative value to spending money on your atrocious card packs. How you people don't see that is beyond me. If you rewarded people 6 cards for 3 dollars each, you'd actually get MORE PEOPLE buying your stupid card packs, and it would literally cost you NOTHING because it's not like you're even remotely ensuring they get something worthwhile from them. And even if they did, it still costs you nothing because it's a single little strand of data on what should now be some spacious servers thanks to us doing your jobs for you.

You're ridiculous, and maybe you'd have a clue if you didn't close off all communication with your customers, which is typically the first sign of a bad company. As soon as I find a good way to email this this to DeNA and CyGames, expect that to happen. It's a shame too. One would think with the new X-Men game looming you'd feel more inclined to actually make positive changes instead of just continuing on as if what you've been doing has been anything remotely good for the people who WANT to like your game. That's fine though I guess, you've all probably made a bit more money than you originally thought you could get away with thanks to overzealous Marvel fans.

Shame on you. Expect to lose my business once the game is released on Android.

Hey Shinji, I'm a little confused. As best I can tell here this page is still active. Rest assured, if it ever was "removed" we'd certainly continue to have some mechanism for feedback. I agree with you, it's incredibly valuable. Thanks, Charles

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