I had just finished maxing the levels of two Kingpin cards and then went to use some canisters to get the mastery done so I could fuse them and start recording their level progression after. They are nowhere to be seen. I can not assign them as the card to be boosted despite the fact that I can plainly see them in my mastery deck, just as the two raiders are that I had no problem boosting and using canisters on earlier. I can pick every card except those two, even now. The reply on this one is excellent, mostly because rather than look into the problem at all, they gave me a tutorial on how to boost...except the information in it is inaccurate.

To ensure that you are boosting correctly, please follow the instructions below:

-At the very bottom of the screen there is a tab for "BOOST". Please tap the "BOOST" button.

-Select a card that you would like to boost by tapping on the "Change Base Card for Boost" button.

-Pick a card you would like to boost by tapping on the "Change Base Card for Boost" button.

-To find the card you would like to boost, please make sure that the "All" Alignment is selected.

There are various ways to continue the boosting process.

-Underneath your card to be boosted, there are three options of how to select cards to use as Booster cards. These are "Select Individually", "Multiple Cards", and "Recommended" -Please note that navigation from any of these screens will result in "Recommended" becoming the default selection. -Below these selections are your different Alignments -Lastly are your various Filters

-- There is also a button provided to "Exclude Cards used for Decks"

- After you have selected the card(s) you want to use to boost, please tap the "Boost" button at the bottom of the screen.

- The next screen confirms your request to boost and informs you of how much silver it will cost to complete the procedure. (Note that the silver in white is the silver that will be consumed by boosting, and the Silver in Red is the ending sum of Silver after the deduction.) Please note that ISO-8 cards (themselves) can not be boosted.

---Please note that how much a card will be boosted depends on the card(s) that are being used to boost and the card that is being boosted.

Please choose carefully as this process is irreversible.

1. I've been playing this game for over a year. I know how the boost function works.

2. As stated, I'm trying to choose one of my two already max level Kingpin cards, which is a bruiser, which would make insuring the "All" Alignment choice is selected, irrelevant, as I've done that AND bruiser.

3. I think you mean to say that when I've found a card I'd like to boost (which I can't, hence the inquiry as to why, that hasn't been responded to still) I'm to press the "Use as Base Card" button.

4. Underneath the card to be boosted, there is the "Use Cards" and "Use Items" options. There hasn't been all three of those you've listed available on YOUR GAME for some time. All that remains of them is the "Select Recommended" button beneath the cards available for use.

5. There is no such button to exclude cards in decks that I can see.

6. Note: Silver in white is what you've currently got, red is what will be left after the amount in green is used.

7. Please read my original inquiry again and actually respond to it this time.

8. Learn how your own game works, please.

Now that we've both got a tutorial out of the way...I haven't verified it just yet, but I'm assuming the problem may be tied to the fact that they're both common cards, and perhaps your filters won't allow further boosting of them as they don't have an ability to also boost, despite the fact they have mastery I should be able to use canisters towards. That's the only thing I can think of as I've been able to pick other cards that were at their max level though lacking in mastery, however they were all higher rarity and thus had ability levels which could be worked upon. Please confirm.

UPDATE: 06/21/14 Hello there, We sincerely apologize for our late reply.

We would like you to try a general trouble-shooting to start with; simply un-install and re-install the application, and then restart your device.

Please keep your gamername and password with you so you will be able to log into your account after re-installing.

  • If you have been using a guest account, you will need to upgrade it to a full account to keep the progress and in-game currency you have purchased.

We hope this helps. Feel free to write us back if you are still having the issue.

None of that will be necessary as it still doesn't even remotely address what my original inquiry was with you to begin with, but thanks for trying I suppose. We've already confirmed it's a problem with your own filtering system and what it deems are cards that qualify for boosting, at least at the time. I haven't checked to see if it still operates that way. But if you end up curious at some point, basically, despite the fact that a card doesn't have an ability and is maxed in level, it should still allow it to be chosen for boosting if there is still mastery to be gained for the simple fact that there are items with which to do so. I know you've probably got a card pack or something to get ready to roll out so I wouldn't worry too much about a game mechanic fix. Cheers!

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