A general wish list. Most will be for my own cataloging purposes and so I won't always be willing to trade or haggle much for the cards as they aren't necessary, merely desirable. Then others will be wishlist items for my actual decks, though at this point most of what I'm aiming for is a pipedream since they have ridiculous prices attached to them. I'll make notations on which, and I also have no qualms about borrowing and returning them. I've done it several times with several different people if it matters. Most base cards that say "To Fuse" I will also accept the fused version obviously to borrow or whatever since it'll cut out having to fuse the cards just to catalog anyway. 


Rarity Card Notes
UR King of Wakanda Black Panther For Deck
UR Believe Iron Man For Deck
UR World-Shaper Scarlet Witch For Deck
UR First Family Invisible Woman For Deck
UR Immortal Weapon Iron Fist For Catalog
UR+ Militant Magneto For Catalog
SSR Conglomerate Emma Frost For Catalog
SSR Evil Incarnate Mister Sinister To Fuse
SR Hot Fun in the Summertime Domino To Fuse
SR Situational Readiness Iron Man To Fuse
SR Ill Take Romance Emma Frost To Fuse


Rarity Card Notes
L+ Proportionate Strength of a Spider Spider-Man To Catalog
L+ Speed Demon Quicksilver To Catalog
L+ Friendly Neighbor Spider-Man To Catalog
SSR Break Time Maria Hill To Fuse
SSR Great Responsibility Spider-Man To Fuse
ALL Secret Agent Black Widow To Catalog
SR Rose Red Black Widow To Fuse


Rarity Card Notes
L+ Berserker Thor To Catalog
UR+ Infinite Lawyer She-Hulk To Catalog
SR Hit the Beach Red She-Hulk To Fuse

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