Just what it sounds like. I'll be updating this from time to time with counts of what drops from each mission with what frequency out of like...100 drops per mission to start I suppose. I'll also try and specify which boxes are gold ones, in case that makes a difference at all...and those will be in red boxes...because gold makes the numbers hard to read. :P  For variety, I'll make gold box drops the alignment colors and the ones with the (barely visible for some reason) gold outline will be uncommon.

Operations 2 through 5

Moving into Op 6 things are going to get more complicated since this is when attacks can go up to five before a reward drop. I'll be playing around trying to figure out how best to display this. Due to size restrictions, I may end up doing several smaller charts per mission instead of just one per op with a mission break down...

Operation 6

Operation 7

Operation 8

Operation 9

Operation 10

It'll be slow going, as I don't really have that much energy. If you want to see one already basically done, Zberg (of course) started research in similar fashion some months ago.

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