Many may remember when they had first introduced the defense battles in tournaments for an S.P.G. event, that the adaptor was broken and in those battles only, the defense decks were getting a fraction of what they were supposed to. After sending an inquiry to them telling them of the discrepancy, their reply was:

The adapter bonus will vary depending on your deck and other boosts activating during the battle as a result the boost may vary. The boost for your defense deck is going to be different from your attack deck boost.

Let me do this another way. The adaptors, assuming they are designed to give a 7% boost (after upgrading) across your defense deck in the same manner it does for the attack deck, are then malfunctioning in the instance I described to you.

My attack deck has a starting power of just under 60,000, thereby granting me just under 4200 points for a boost with the adaptor. My defense deck currently is more powerful with just over 60,000 base power. However, when the adaptor went off during those tournament defense deck battles, the adaptors were giving less than 900. I know of at least one other person who had the same thing occur. I'm sure most people just skip the animations and so maybe they didn't notice the glitch, but rest assured, it was there.

Furthermore, adaptor bonuses are the first thing applied in a battle, which means that any other abilities or combos or bonuses activating during the course of a battle are irrelevant to what I told you to begin with.

They don't even know how their own battle system works. They didn't reply to me after that.

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