I think when the question first came up was pretty early into the Survival Trial life...those baby years. Basically, everybody was saying they'd hit nothing but legend walls and really hard fights, so there was a rumor/theory with some that it only ever took a given player's top defense cards when you matched them regardless of whether or not they had already been matched to defend somebody else prior. This made me want to pose the question. I think I even managed to work in a question regarding if they ever worked out whatever they screwed up with the previous issue.

As stated in the Guide the Survival Event does not use any AP or DP. Also we confirmed that there were no issues with the Adaptors during the Proving Grounds event and they are working correctly.

That's not what I asked, at all.

Are all defense decks for everybody always locked in as the two "strongest" defense cards in one's roster, or does it run down a pool of cards in a similar fashion as when you go through your attack cards round for round?

I finally got into a couple counter-battles so luckily I did confirm also there are no issues now with the adaptors. I'm glad that was fixed since the last one in which they were bugged.

I like how they totally didn't acknowledge that anything was wrong in the email lol. Naturally, they didn't respond.

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