Welcome to my position research effecting ability proc hub. (PREAPH?) One of the biggest unverified things in the game for most seems to be how or even if the position your cards are in affects the probability of abilities going off. I don't think I'll be able to show anything one way or the other, at least not by myself and not definitively. Still, I think it's worth getting started. Bald Bigfoot and I talked a little about it. So information regarding exactly how I tested which usage can be found within each run of those usages.

For similar research: See Harryc's blog

Very High Decks

Shinji: Very High Professor Cable CCPCP

High Decks

Shinji: High Ultimate Fist

Shinji: High Iron Night IINII

Shinji: High Iron Night IIIIN

Shinji: High Iron Night NIIII

Shinji: High Iron Night IIINI

Shinji: High Iron Night INIII

Relatively High Decks

1 Deck - Relatively High (Rare Beast or Scientist Fantastic)

Average Decks

Average Analysis

Shinji - Average (Uncommon Wolverine) Deck

Shinji - Average (Rare+ Wolverine) Deck

Shinji - Average (Rare+ Wolverine) Deck with varied ability levels.

Bald - Average (Uncommon Wolverine) Deck

Relatively Low Decks

Relatively Low Analysis

Shinji: Relatively Low Hawkeye

Shinji: Relatively Low Domino 11311

Shinji: Relatively Low Domino 11113

Shinji: Relatively Low Domino 31111

Shinji: Relatively Low Domino 11131

Shinji: Relatively Low Domino 13111

Low Decks

Shinji: Low Thunder God Thor

Very Low Decks

Shinji: Very Low Ho Ho Hulk

Mixed Decks

Shy's Defense (High, Relatively High, Average)

Shy's Defense Round 2

Left and Center Trait Deck (Very High, Relatively High, Average)

Left+Center (Very High, Relatively High)

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