Trading Post

Here's where I put cards with real value (SSR and up) that I have available for trade or sale. It's not going to be very big but hopefully somebody will find something they want and we can work something out. I'll also put sleepy's listed price in case it matters. I won't list level and mastery because to me it's irrelevant and doesn't actually affect value of a card. Skill only really matters for fused cards since it'll be rolled back to a fusion anyway, so I'll leave that segment blank on base cards as well. Like most people, I will discuss bulk discounts on anything.


Rarity Card Stock Skill Value
UR+ Ferrous Hero Iron Man 1 2 15
UR+ Cajun Charmer Gambit (improper) 1 2
SSR Scientific Solution Mr. Fantastic 1 5
SSR Vigilante Moon Knight 3 5
SSR Cajun Charmer Gambit 2 8
SSR Mephisto 1 5


Rarity Card Stock Skill Value
UR+ Enemy Inside Hulk 1 2 8
UR+ Power Cosmic Silver Surfer 1 1 8
UR+ Jade Giantess She-Hulk 1 3 9
UR+ Raging Beauty Red She-Hulk 1 2 20
UR+ Thunderbolt Fury Red Hulk 1 2 8
UR+ Ferocious Fighter Wolverine 1 3 10?
UR+ Crimson Gem of Cyttorak Juggernaut 1 2 10?
SSR Incredible Rage Hulk 3 5
SSR Son of Asgard Thor 1 8


Rarity Card Stock Skill Value
UR Speed Demon Quicksilver 1 30
UR+ Secret Avenger Nova 1 1 10
UR+  Brotherhood Founder Mystique 1 1 14
UR+ Flyboy Human Torch 1 3 16
SSR Wall Crawler Spider-Man 1 4
SSR Guns Blazing Rocket Raccoon 1 15
SSR HellFire Ghost Rider 2 12

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