• Shurijo

    Hey all, here's a few etiquette tips for working in trade rooms (via chat rooms).

    1. Know whether the trading room is an alliance sponsored or public room. This changes etiquette guidelines.

    2. To post a trade, you can use shorthand such as LTT (Looking To Trade), FT (For Trade), FS (For Sell), WTB (Want To Buy), LF (Looking For). Example: "FT: SSR SOA Thor, LF: 25pp or SSR Prof X"

    3. To establish trade routes, you need to find teammates who are active traders and have other traders within their alliances. To do this, you should remove any inactive teammates and add new ones (only drop 1 per day to avoid permanent stat loss). After removing a teammate, you can post a message to trade rooms such as "Open tm, Alliance X, ign: player123". If you…

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  • Shurijo

    Best Card Listings

    January 3, 2013 by Shurijo

    These lists are the top 5 cards per rarity taken from the wiki card list database. These lists will automatically update when the wiki's card list database is updated.

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  • Shurijo

    Marvel: War of Heroes is a card game where opponents play a deck of attack cards versus another players deck of defense cards. The objective of the game is to build better decks than your opponents, contribute to alliance events, and build up your experience.

    In general, I believe the following strategy tips are most beneficial for new players and players struggling to keep up with everyone else.

    • This game is not about leveling. Actually, the faster you level the weaker your card deck will be. You want to be in the top tier of your level rather than the bottom tier of the next level. So that means slowing down your XP rate by farming low level missions for cards and silver to boost your decks.
    • Battling against other players is simple math. Th…

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