Hey all, here's a few etiquette tips for working in trade rooms (via chat rooms).

General Etiquette

1. Know whether the trading room is an alliance sponsored or public room. This changes etiquette guidelines.

2. To post a trade, you can use shorthand such as LTT (Looking To Trade), FT (For Trade), FS (For Sell), WTB (Want To Buy), LF (Looking For). Example: "FT: SSR SOA Thor, LF: 25pp or SSR Prof X"

3. To establish trade routes, you need to find teammates who are active traders and have other traders within their alliances. To do this, you should remove any inactive teammates and add new ones (only drop 1 per day to avoid permanent stat loss). After removing a teammate, you can post a message to trade rooms such as "Open tm, Alliance X, ign: player123". If you are in an alliance sponsored trading room and need a route to the hosting alliance, you should specify, "Open tm, need route to Alliance XYZ, ign: player123"

4. You still need to wait 2 weeks before you can trade with teammate, so it's best to establish routes as early as you can.

5. Many alliances have their own trading rooms. If you find a good teammate who's an active trader, feel free to ask them if their alliance has their own trading rooms and if you can get an invite there. It's easier to find trades in alliance sponsored rooms since you have a route to that alliance and that alliance can middle man deals for you with other traders in that room (since other traders also have route to that alliance).

6. Middle manning deals are difficult and scary (at least your first few times). If you need to go through a middleman, you should always do the card transfer at alliance boundaries. For example, if Player1 is alliance mates with Player 2 and Player 2 is teammates with PlayerX who's alliance mates with PlayerY. Then Player 1 would pass cards to Player 2, PlayerY would pass cards to PlayerX, and Player 2 and PlayerX would make the trade at the alliance boundary. It's always implied trust that alliance members trust each other more than teammates trust each other. However, if  you feel sketchy about your alliance members, then you should try to avoid doing trades with that person (and maybe find a new alliance :)).

Example: [Alliance 123] Player 1 -> Player 2 -> TRADE <- Player X <- Player Y [Alliance XYZ]

7. Do not post links to other web sites that is considered SPAM, such as links to get rich quick schemes or other web sites that would be filtered by email filters.

8. When looking for trades, you can post to the Line Group Wall (click the icon on the chat room header), there's a wall there where you can post your trades and update it. The wall has lists of cards others are wanting to trade or they are looking for. You can also post your trade in the chat room and anyone there can respond to you.

9. If you want to know the current pricing of a specific card, you can post "pc <card name>". For example: "pc UR+ AP Capt sk5". Others in the room, will reply back and tell you the price they estimate the card to be valued. It is highly recommended you get multiple price checks from different rooms and compare it to what you know/feel is correct.

Alliance Sponsored Trading Room Etiquette

1. Each alliance may have their own etiquette guidelines, these are just some basic ones that seem to have been formed by themselves over time. If you are unsure, please ask the host alliance.

2. You should ensure you have a direct route (teammate) to one of that alliance's members. Also, keep track of that teammate to make sure that player doesn't change alliances which would mean you would lose your trading route to that alliance.

3. You should not post recruiting requests in another alliance's trading room.

4. As a guest, do not invite others into alliance sponsored rooms, unless you ask the host alliance first.

5. As a guest, do not kick out others or cancel invites, unless you ask the host alliance first. Unless you are removing someone from your own alliance.

Public Trading Rooms Etiquette

1. You may post recruiting requests in public rooms, but do not spam your requests. Important information to include in your requests is your alliance name, contact info, any requirements, and how many players you are looking for. Example: "Alliance X recruiting, 2 openings, req: active members, pm me" or "Looking for new alliance, send pm"

2. You can invite others to public rooms.

3. If a room is full, you can cancel old invites for those who has not accepted and invite others, but please don't kick out active traders.

Pricing and Fair Trade Values

While not everyone follows the well known "Jeenx Pro Trading Guide", many traders base the card values from this reference. Some believe his prices are over stated and too high. I believe that it's a great reference that should be used to compare values of cards. For example, if one card is listed at 10pp and another card is listed at 50pp, then it's obvious the other card is worth much more.

Cards listed in Jeenx are for singles (unfused), so use a x2 multiplier for proper fused cards. Improper cards are oftentimes sold at 1/8 to 1/2 value, depending on how much they are off max stats and because nobody wants to buy impropers due to their difficulty to resell.

For UR+ and LEG+ cards, if the skill/ability value is greater than 3, then you can expect to pay more. Usually, the card value increases about 20pp per skill level above average (3). For example, a sk 10 FN Spider-Man is worth much more than a sk 2 FN Spider-Man. Higher skill levels only increase values on UR+ and LEG+ cards because it is difficult to raise skill/ability levels without using Ability Boom cards which cost ~15-20pp each.

Trade Etiquette (person to person)

Before you begin negotiations, you need to see if you have a trade route with the other trader. This often requires using middle men that you trust and have done trades in the past with. While middle man deals are sometimes scary and tricky, it's the most common way of trading. Finding good middle men is critical because it's the only way to avoid the 2 week wait for trading between teammates. When using a middle man, you are also expected to perform middle man services for your other teammates.

If you cannot find a way to get the cards from the other person to you (and back), then you should ask if waiting 2 weeks is okay for the deal. Then you can make a teammate spot and add the trader as a teammate.

While some price haggling is normal, you should not try to low ball the other trader. Just like in real life, the internet community has their own system and being branded as a poor trader will follow you for a while. You should know what they are asking and what the cards are worth, then start from there to work out a deal.

Short Hand Reference

LF = Looking For

FT = For Trade

LTT = Looking To Trade

FS = For Sell

WTB = Want To Buy

WTT = Want to Trade

pp = Power Packs (the ones you buy, not the ppp)

ign = in game name (your player name so they can do a player search for you)

pmm = Proper Mastered and Max leveled

mm = Middle Man or Mastered and Max Leveled (for unfused cards)

imp = Improper fused card

pc = Price Check

Trade Route = Trading routes is when your alliance mates (and you) establish teammates with other alliances. Then the two alliances can trade with each other. The best solution is to not have any teammates within your own alliance, since you can already trade with them.  Then the alliance mates act as "middle men" to pass deals between alliance members of the two alliances. Sometimes, complicated deals can even go through a third "bridge" alliance in order to bypass the 2 week waiting period. Example: You -> alliance mate ->TRADE<- teammate in other alliance <- Other guy

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