• ZBerg

    Intensify vs Degrade

    January 7, 2013 by ZBerg
      • UPDATE 01/09/2013** Incorrect ability % used for Cyclops.

    Well, I want to open this can of worms. It's a strongly worded debate on Noeseeker ( As I don't feel like getting flamed or accused of trolling (or truscopio'ing) , so I'm bringing it here.

    Real world math: if a $100 item is 10% off at a store and tax is 10%, the item will cost $100.(I was set straight on this)
    Marvel (multiplicative) math: 100 def, degraded by 10%, boosted by 10% is 99.
    Other (additive) math: 100 def * (boost by 10% - degrade by 10%) = 100.

    Marvel math is multiplicative. Don't believe me? I have the ss to p…

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  • ZBerg

    Mission rewards

    November 27, 2012 by ZBerg

    So, in an interest of knowing how often I can expect what rewards, I have begun the painstaking process of going through missions and documenting every gain. After I get 500 (I may go to 1000) points for a mission with an uncommon, I may do the same with no "Special" rewards.

    The goal? Find what mission is ideal to do that matches silver gain with card gain and costs to boost a rare to max. I suspect it will still be 2-4, I just want to do a granny study ("See, I knew it/Told you so").

    74 25% Speed
    69 23% Bruiser
    31 10% Tactics
    78 26% Resource
    20 7% Silver
    28 9% Mastery
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    Boosting research

    November 24, 2012 by ZBerg

    UPDATE (Thanks to Phoenix8387):

    Boosted Level
    Levels 1-19
    Levels 20-39
    Levels 20-39
    Levels 40+

    *Although there is minor varience if same alignment or power levels are used, it may fluctuate down one level and save a marginal amount of silver over stickting to the above formula.

    Big Take Aways:
    Use the above table to be cost and time efficeint: use common cards to 20, uncommon cards to 40, then rares (or fused uncommons). Other more silver conservative and time intensive method shown below.

    The full blown formula is:

    Rarity*(60 + 10*PWR + 24*Match + 72*Fusion) * 5/(4+BaseLvl) * ((5+BoosterLvl)/6)

    Rarity = 1 for common, 1.25 for uncommon, 1.5 for rare, ect.  It uses the rarity of the actual card, benefitting from fusion.
    Match = 1 if they are the sam…

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