UPDATE (Thanks to Phoenix8387):

Booster Rarity Boosted Level
Common Levels 1-19
Uncommon+ Levels 20-39
Uncommon Levels 20-39
Rare + Levels 40+

*Although there is minor varience if same alignment or power levels are used, it may fluctuate down one level and save a marginal amount of silver over stickting to the above formula.

Big Take Aways:
Use the above table to be cost and time efficeint: use common cards to 20, uncommon cards to 40, then rares (or fused uncommons). Other more silver conservative and time intensive method shown below.

The full blown formula is:

Rarity*(60 + 10*PWR + 24*Match + 72*Fusion) * 5/(4+BaseLvl) * ((5+BoosterLvl)/6)

Rarity = 1 for common, 1.25 for uncommon, 1.5 for rare, ect.  It uses the rarity of the actual card, benefitting from fusion.
Match = 1 if they are the same alignment, 0 otherwise. (Essentially, you get a 24XP bonus (before modification) for boosting with same alignment cards.)
Fusion = 0 for base, 1 for fused. (You get an additional 72 XP before multipliers, which is why a lot of people usually think fusion doubles XP.)
BaseLvl = level of the card being boosted.  This has a hard cap of 15, so from lvl 15 onwards, you will always get the same XP from the same card booster.
BoosterLvl = level of the booster card.  (I have never found a case where it's beneficial to boost the booster.)

If you're boosting Bruisers: do mission 2-4 until you have all the Sandmans necessary to reach level 20, then use the Iron Mans you collected (or sell them). Then do 2-3 until you have the Wolverines to hit 39. Then either start fusing your Wolverines, or move on to using ISO's or Rares (which you can't get by operations).

If you're boosting Tactics: do the bruiser thing backwards.

For speed? 2-4 for Spider-woman to lvl 20, then use the iron men or sell them.Past that, I'm thinking it may actually be more efficient to do 2-4 and either use the SW or IM fused, and sell the rest. Will do more research here.

UPDATE (Thanks to Windadep): As it turns out, there IS a time when boosting the booster is more efficient. I have yet to extract a general formula, so I will settle with giving VERY specific scenarios. In breif, however, it goes like this: if you can get a feeder card that sells for very little silver (Sandman or Invis) and use them to boost your booster a couple levels (varies, see table below), you can come out ahead of selling the commons and feeding a base uncommon.

In it's g(l)ory detail (to within 10 silver per level): For bruisers:

Boosted Level Booster Rarity Booster level
Levels 1-19 Common 1
Levels 20-25 Uncommon 1
Levels 26-29 Uncommon 2
Levels 30-32 Uncommon 4
Levels 33-39 Uncommon 5
Levels 40-49 Rare+ 9
Levels 50-69 Rare+ 10
Levels 70-79 Rare+ 11

Well, it's going to be ugly, but I wanted to get my ideas down so that others can use and collabortate.

I have an excel spreadsheet I am filling in with every boost, every card, every cost. Not sure the easiest way to make it available, but lemme know and I can get it to you.

Biggest thing I've noticed: even when bulk fusing the system does sequential individual boosts!

Other things I've noticed: all rarities and powers cost the same to boost and they all gain the same % from the same booster. -Adamantium Claw- gets the same % level raise off a card that Medusa would at the same level.

I can offer proof as people need it. There is also a difference in exp gain to power boosted (Mockingbird gives less exp than Black Cat). I also have reason to believe that the formula doesn't work around level wraps. For instance,

12 0.39 Common
12 0.77 Uncommon

The first is a pwr4 aligned within a level (say from 12.10 to 12.49) where the second is a fused 4pwr over a level (notably 12.97 to 13.74)

This causes me to lean more towards my "hidden experience" model. The diminishing returns appear due to a heightened hidden experience requirements. Time to do some reverse engineering and running with the work already done.

This "hidden experience" model seems to work well so far, and explains the odd fractions on the RoB wiki site. From what I've seen, the experience needed to level grows as follows:

exp_needed = 80 + (20*lvl) where lvl caps at 15.

​The experience given by a card seems to be:


It doesn't match perfecty, and there may be rounding errors, but it's getting close, I think. is the link to my spreadsheet. Excel 2010 macro's and all.

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