• UPDATE 01/09/2013** Incorrect ability % used for Cyclops.

Well, I want to open this can of worms. It's a strongly worded debate on Noeseeker ( As I don't feel like getting flamed or accused of trolling (or truscopio'ing) , so I'm bringing it here.

Real world math: if a $100 item is 10% off at a store and tax is 10%, the item will cost $100.(I was set straight on this)
Marvel (multiplicative) math: 100 def, degraded by 10%, boosted by 10% is 99.
Other (additive) math: 100 def * (boost by 10% - degrade by 10%) = 100.

Marvel math is multiplicative. Don't believe me? I have the ss to prove it.

The debate then becomes, if you can afford best of the best, will a deck of 5 Leg mm Spiderman beat 5 anything on defense? Yes. Will 5 UR+ Captain America's beat 5 SSR+ Wolverine all mm at alvl1? Let's do the math! =D

12,060*5*1.05(Adaptor)*1.10(alliance/def leader) = 69,646.5 = A
A * (1-0.16)^3 (3 proc's of Wolvie's skill) = 41,279.76 = B
B * (1+0.16)^3 (3 proc's of Cap's skill) = 64,433.41 = Crippled Defence
10,869*5*1.05*1.10 = 62,769.48 = Total offence

Since Crippled Defence > Total Offence, the attack fails. One scrapper bonus (which the defender cannot get) tips the scales the other way though.... So, the raw numbers show that if Wolvie had the same offence as Cap had Defence, Wolvie would win. But his base stats are bad enough that he doesn't win. That shows his weakness, but the SKILL has great strength.

On the other hand, let's compare 5 Leg Wolverine's and 5 Leg Cyclops against this all Cap defense.

A * (1-0.12)^3(3 procs of Cyclops) = 47,462.14 = C
C * (1+0.16)^3(3 procs of Captain) = 74,083.46 = GL Crippled Defense
Total Offense: 12398*1.05*1.1 = 71,598 = GL Offense

GL Crippled Defense > GL Offense. Cyclops still needs a scrapper bonus to win.


Total Defense = A * (1+0.16)^3 = 108,710
12997 * 1.05 * 1.10 = 15,011.54 per Wolverine = D
D * 1.5 * 3 + C * 2 = 97,574.98 = AC Offense
AC Offense * 1.1(scrapper bonus) = 107,332.48

Total Defense > AC Offense. Leg Wolverine loses! Even WITH scrapper bonus! (Until you get 2 scrappers, and hope they fire (some evidence has shown scrapper to be random)!)

Cheapest way to beat 5 UR+ Captain America MM? 1 Legendary Genuine Leader Cyclops and 4 UR+ Ferocious Fighter Wolverine. (I think).

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