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    Meta Rating

    June 1, 2013 by Zaibasis

    Marvel: World of Heroes - Meta-Rating

    The current metagame:

    • Speed dominates attack with [Hellfire] Ghost Rider, [Friendly Neighborhood] Spiderman, and [Legend, Baby] Deadpool.
    • Tactics dominates defense with [American Pride] Captain America.
    • Bruisers dominate mediocrity.

    The reason for this rating system: Most price guides and ranking systems are based on the perceived strength of a card. In general, the cards that generate the largest numbers are valued instead of cards that are the most reliable. It's an issue of tangible numbers verses estimated numbers. With great thanks to the Mudgobbla's Battle Simulator it is now possible to simulate reliability of cards with reasonable accuracy. Amazingly, one card truly defines the current metagame - [A…

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  • Zaibasis

    Recent improvements to the layout of this wiki have improved the integrity of the Semantic Mediawiki data. As this data continues to stabilize, it will be possible to dynamically create new pages that automatically update when new cards appear. The following is a taste of what will replace the Ability Card List page. It's not perfect (which is why I haven't implemented it yet) but it should hopefully give an idea of what is possible.

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    April Fools 2013

    April 1, 2013 by Zaibasis

    [Legendary] Howard the Duck+

    Rarity Legendary
    Power Requirement 32
    Sale Price 489,600
    Maximum Card Level 80
    Maximum Mastery Level 50

    Quote Howard the Duck was born on Duckworld, a planet in another dimension, where intelligent life evolved from waterfowl. Duckworld resembles mankind's Earth in an astounding number of ways, including the fact that ducks speak English.

    Attack Defense
    [Legendary] Howard the Duck+
    4696 2940
    13501 8453
    Mastery Bonus 1761 1103

    Alignment Tactics
    Gender Male
    Faction Super Hero
    Ability Quack Fu
    Usage High
    Effect Extremely Intensify ATK of this Card.

    This card is only available from rally packs. [Legendary] Howard the Duck can not be fused.


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  • Zaibasis

    Skinny Math

    November 22, 2012 by Zaibasis

    In my continued attempt to account for the variance in calculated stats, I've been running the numbers with different approaches. While I'm no closer to cracking the code, I can tell you one thing - the variances average out when you combine the stats of several cards.

    While not precise, there comes a time that it helps to know the approximate max level of a card and if you should invest in it. Let's take [Adamantium Claw] Wolverine, which does not have max stats posted. Assuming that for the "+" version of the card that the card will be max level and max mastery (because why wouldn't you?)... the math is as follows:

    BASE: 1.000 Wolverine: 3220 2800 MLB: 1.500 …
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    X-Noob tips

    November 20, 2012 by Zaibasis

    This will be an expanding blog of play strategy. All comments are welcome as I definitely don't have all of the answers. I'm probably behind the power curve a little bit, but my goal is always to be competitive... not necessarily top rank. Top rank will always be reserved for those that spend the most money. Freemium games are like that.


    Under each team member there is an option to rally them. DO IT! All of them... every day. This is one of the few things in this game that seems to be designed to be extremely convenient. Once you rally everybody on the first page, the game defaults to update to the next page until you've made your way through all of them. I'm at the point that I'm getting 3 free Rally packs every day. I …

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