After a tedious process of leveling Wolverine one level at a time and doing the same for Wolverine+, I have formed a formula to accurately calculate stats at any level. Unfortunately, it is necessary to know what the max stats are to calculate these bonuses. And at this time I'm unable to account for the variance in level and mastery bonuses. As stated by many, the Max Level Bonus (MLB) is approximately 150% of the base stats and the mastery bonus is approximately 25% of the MLB (37.5% of BASE.) The variance for this does not come from rounding level bonuses, as I had previously thought. Instead, the MLB is spread across the levels in a linear fashion. The exception to this is level 2, which gains a double bonus since level 1 does not use the equation.

For Wolverine:
LVL: 30
           ATK      DEF
BASE:     1080      820
MLB:      1630     1220
MAST:      407      306
MAX:      3117     2346

For level N, Stats = BASE + (MLB/LVL*N)
Results are rounded according to normal rounding convention.

ie. level 22 mastered, ATK = 1080 + (1630/30*22) + 407 = 2682.33 rounded to 2682
                       DEF =  820 + (1220/30*22) + 306 = 2020.67 rounded to 2021

More interesting finds:

  • MLB for a fused card is the same regardless of stat bonus from the fusion.
  • MLB for a fused card is precisely 120% of the MLB of the base card.
  • Mastery bonus for Wolveine+ was also 120% of the mastery bonus of the Wolverine base card.

For Wolverine+:                         For Max Wolverine+:
LVL: 40                                 LVL: 40
           ATK      DEF                            ATK      DEF
BASE:     1404     1066                 BASE:     1920     1454
MLB:      1956     1464 (extrapolated)  MLB:      1956     1464
MAST:      488      367 (assumed)       MAST:      488      367
MAX:      3848     2897                 MAX:      4364     3285

BASE = 120% fuser base                  BASE = 120% fuser base
     + 5% stats per card                     + 10% stats per maxed card

(each card bonus is rounded independently)

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