For other Vulture cards, see Vulture (disambiguation).


Rarity Common
Power Requirement 3
Sale Price 225
Maximum Card Level 20
Maximum Mastery Level 20
Quote One of Spider-Man's greatest foes. Former electronic engineer, Adrian Toomes designed a flying harness on his own to become the Vulture.
Attack Defense
Base 350 440
Maximum 1012 1265
Mastery Bonus 132 165
Rarity Uncommon
Power Requirement 3
Sale Price 450
Maximum Card Level 30
Maximum Mastery Level 100
Quote With the harness, the Vulture gains the abiity to fly. The harness also enhances his strength.
Attack Defense
Catalog Base 420 528
Proper Fused Base 624 782
Maximum 1418 1772
Mastery Bonus 158 198
General Information
Alignment Speed
Gender Male
Faction Villain
First Release Date Unknown

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